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The mathematical relation of numbers of symbols
Anti-Pattern: Erasable Information
Allowing players to destroy needed information is bad design.
Basic mathematics including operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Recognizing that two items work together in a puzzle
The need to attempt solutions and revert to a previous state to solve a puzzle.
Boolean Logic
A pattern device using boolean logic to combine items
Breaking Expectations
Unexpected changes in game style create jarring experiences
An algorithm to encrypt a stream of information
A puzzle that requires adding colour to an image to reveal a hidden message.
Constraint Logic
Revealing hidden information by combining constraints
Basic puzzle aspect of counting, or progression of a well known sequence
Reverting a coded message back to its source form
A puzzle that involves breaking apart objects to determine a pattern
A device is a the fundamental underpinnings of the rules of a puzzle.
External Knowledge
Information required to solve a puzzle not found within the game world
Game Platform
A platform defines the confines of the game world.
How does an online escape room work?
A look at what to expect in these visual, mouse-driven, team games.
A puzzle where a player must move through a maze, reaching a target location and avoiding obstacles.
Law of Least Surprise
A puzzle's outcome of mechanism should not surprise players
A puzzle piece quality based on language
The way a player interacts with the game
Playing on users expectations to create a trick device facet or mechanic.
Pattern Recognition
The skill to recognize and understand a pattern.
Pattern Sequence
A pattern sequence is a puzzle device that creates a series of objects and requires the player to continue the pattern
Phases of Solving Puzzles
The general timeline to solving a puzzle
An appearance quality masquerading as text
Puzzle Aspects
A puzzle is fundamentally made up of a device, puzzle piece mechanics and qualities, and theme
Puzzle Piece
Any object, concept, or piece of information used to solve a puzzle.
All the variables that define a puzzle piece
Quality: Colour
Using colour as a significant quality of a puzzle piece
Quality: Geometry
Using an abstract shape as a significant quality of a puzzle piece.
A measure of how grounded a puzzle is in the game world
A game device using word fragments and imagery to produce phrases
Gaining insight into what a puzzle piece actually is
A quality referring to where the piece is in the environment.
A unifying concept that defines the atmosphere, visuals, and story
Visual Acuity
A skill that requires identifying distinguishing features visually
What is an online escape room?
A look at the puzzles, theme, and mechanics of this game genre.
Where can I play online escape rooms?
Places to find puzzle adventures
The phase of puzzle solving where a player is looking for a solution after having understood all the rules.

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Assume everything in this reference is a working draft, there's prone to be some mistakes and inconsistencies. I figure it's best to publish and get feedback rather than write for years in secret. The terms will change, the structure will shift, and the bugs will be chased out. It'll take a while.