📖 Trace

A game mechanic that requires a player trace a path.

Tracing is a common game mechanic where a player uses clues, or constraints to draw a path on image. The path that they draw is the answer to the puzzle.

Live Examples:

A tracing puzzle typically consists of the clues, in the form of a legend, and a map, typically an image. The legend denotes places on the map, from a starting location, to an ending location. If the player were to draw a line from the start, to each subsequent location, they will end up with a number, or a letter.

The abstract foundation of this puzzle are coordinates on a graph. For example, take a piece of graph paper, and starting at the first point below, draw a line to each following point. These are x,y coordinates on the graph paper:

The number you have drawn is a 7.

A puzle may have several sequences to trace, resulting in several numbers. Or it may be a more complex single sequence resulting in a single image, which is a clue to a further puzzle.

The spatial quality is a vital part of the pieces in a tracing puzzle, as the resulting image will map the spatiality to a simpler image.

Feedback on Working Draft

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