Get your friends together and play a challenging point-any-click puzzle adventure. Explore fancy rooms, discover items, and solve puzzles! Tell me more

I can’t compliment the creators enough, they’ve got a formula to make ‘good escape room games’ and they consistently nail it every single time Mairi, The Escape Roomer

It's time to grab a coffee, settle into your cozy office, and finish off a day's work. With the soothing sound of jazz, perhaps clean up a bit, solve your brother's mystery, and finally get into those strange little card drawers.

A mini-puzzle game with a trail of crumbs! Take a bite and learn the flavour of our online escape games. Don't blame us if you're tempted for more.

The Carnival is coming and you're definitely going! Rumour has it that a secret society is hiding there, luring potential members with puzzles spread over the fair grounds. Come; show your mettle; beat the carnies at their own games.

You've applied for a new job, an amazing role as a game master at a brand new escape room. Alas, a mishap has you trapped in the very room you're supposed to run. Can you get out before the vampires* come?

Online Escape Rooms

Enjoy a variety of escape room style puzzles from the comfort of your home. Edaqa's Room offers point-and-click style mini-adventures. Buy room access for as many players as you'd like, then send them the link to join. Explore the rooms together, finding items, exploring whimsical scenes, and solving a variety of puzzles.

We look forward to more of Edaqa's creations! Cici Cao, ESCAPETHEROOMers

👥 Team Multiplayer

Join your friends to solve puzzles together in one virtual room. Simply give your friends the room link. Chat over Jitsi, Zoom, or whatever you like.

💵 Only $5 - $13

$13 covers one play of the game for any number of people. For reduced team sizes we offer discounted prices

Uncertain? Try our short introductory game Cookies for free.

🕰️ From 90 - 120 Minutes

There's no actual time limit, this is just how long a game typically takes. You can play whenever, without time limits, and take as many breaks as you'd like

More experienced teams will likely finish quicker.

🖥️ Browser Based

Open a game right now, here in your browser. An internet connection is needed, and perhaps some paper and a pen to think visually.

On tablets, only Chrome is supported. Phones are not supported.

🔍 Sensible Hints

Access a dynamic hint system whenever needed. The system knows what you've done, and gives bits of assistance without revealing too much at once.

🚪 Immediate Access

Upon payment, you'll get a link to your own room. Share this with your friends and begin playing right away. Or keep for later, when convenient. You're entitled to play the game once through to completion.

“This is a great adventure which all ages, group sizes, and levels of ER experience will enjoy!” World Escape Crew