A puzzle game with a trail of crumbs!

Come, let this old lady nibble a bit. It costs you nothing.

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Sell some Cookies now

Kindly provide an email so the lady knows where to find you... I mean, so we can send you the access key.

Price: Free!
Any number of players

A delicious puzzle beside a cozy fireplace

At the end of Pleasantvalley Lane, on the outskirts of Pleasantville, we find a pleasant lady living a pleasant house. She loves cookies. And you happen to be selling them. Kindly, step into the lounge while she gets her purse.

A free escape adventure filled with crumbs.

A quick teaser of what our full games offer.

A mix of puzzles to bite into.

If you have any problems, I'm sure the old lady can take care of you.

Don't be lulled by the warmth of the fire and fuzzy blanket.

A bad cookie lurks in these parts.

Questions about Cookies

How does this compare to Prototype or Carnival?
This game is similar to our other games, but shorter in length. It's like a demo, but with a completely different set of puzzles.
What's an Online Escape Game?
An online escape game is a puzzle game in the style of a point-and-click adventure. Like a live escape room it features a variety of puzzles, ranging in style and difficulty. You and your friends play together in the same virtual room.
Can I play solo?
Yes, there's no need for a team mate, though some puzzles work better with multiple players cooperating. More heads definitely help, since the start of the game is fairly non-linear. Don't be afraid to use the hints; I don't want you to be frustrated.
Can we play at different locations / remotely?
Your teammates can be located anywhere in the world. You'll all access the same game, sharing a virtual world. You should connect additionally on a group call outside the program -- a link to Jitsi, which requires no extra software, is provided at the start.
What if I need a hint?
There's an in-game progressive hint system -- only little details are revealed each time you ask for a hint.
System Requirements
The game works with recent versions of Firefox and Chrome. On a tablet, Chrome works better. The interface is not suitable for a phone. A recent Edge should also work.
Is there a time limit?
No. You can take as long as you'd like to complete the game, even come back to it later -- keep the URL you get with your purchase. For technical reasons, the game may be deleted after 15 days. I'll gladly give you a new link should something come up and you don't get to the game in that time.
Can children play the game?
Aside from some cheeky humour, the game should be thematically okay for children. The age recommendation of 16+ is primarily due to the difficulty of some puzzles.

Other questions or problems?

Feel free to contact me using this form, or at info@edaqasroom.com.