📖 Spatial

A quality referring to where the piece is in the environment.

An extrinsic quality referring to where a piece is placed in the environment. Pieces can be within a container or designated area, they may be connected to the same device, or the relative position of pieces might be significant.

Orientation and scale/size are also spatial qualities.

Potential Anti-Patterns

Be aware that if a piece if moveable, players may not remember where it came from. Puzzles should not rely on erasable information.

Feedback on Working Draft

If you have any questions, need an example, or want clarification, then let me know. Ask on Discord or Twitter.

Assume everything in this reference is a working draft, there's prone to be some mistakes and inconsistencies. I figure it's best to publish and get feedback rather than write for years in secret. The terms will change, the structure will shift, and the bugs will be chased out. It'll take a while.