📖 Jigsaw Puzzle

A classic form of tiling puzzle with flat physically interlocking pieces

A jigsaw puzzle is type of tiling puzzle. It's primary features are shapes cut to form an interlocking pattern which form to build a familiar image.

The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are flat. Even in 3d puzzles, such as those that form a globe, the pieces are flat on the plane of the puzzle. The pieces physically lock together, such that the entirety of the pieces have a single solution with all the pieces correctly connected. The flat pieces, shaped cuts, and locking aspect, are the key defining characteristics of a jigsaw puzzle. Tiling puzzles without these properties are not called jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces are often used to divide clues into a game. Players may need to find several pieces, which when connected reveal a clue.

Linear Jigsaw Puzzle

A linear jigsaw puzzle is a set of tiles that fit together to form a single line. The line need not be straight, but each piece only connects to two others. As this creates a clear ordering to the pieces, the order itself can be used as a clue.

Live Example:- Alien Vault: One facet of the puzzle

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