📖 Tiling Puzzle

A puzzle comprising several tile pieces which combine to form an image or shape

A tiling puzzle is a puzzle that has several flat pieces that need to be fit together in a specific way.

Some common types of tiling puzzles are:- Jigsaw Puzzle: Pieces the fit together to reveal a whole image- Tangram: A limited set of pieces that join to form specific shapes- Geometric magic square: A series of fixed shape pieces that fit together to form a typically regular shape, like a square- Carcassone: A board game where connecting pieces need to have matching regions- Dominoes: Regularly shaped pieces that have numbers that need to match

Constraint Logic

Though tiling puzzles clearly use constraints to define how the pieces connect, they are generally not referred to as constraint logic puzzles. Tiling puzzles have tangible pieces which physically connect to form the final result. Constraint logic puzzles are generally abstract and don't require one the intrinsic qualities of a piece.

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