📖 Where can I play online escape rooms?

Places to find puzzle adventures

If you're like me, you can never get enough puzzle games. I love exploring virtual worlds, reading crazy stories, and solving puzzles. I'll try to collect some places you can find more puzzles here, either ones that I've played, or people that know how to review them.

Of course, be sure to check out our games, if you haven't already played them all.

Review Sites

These places may or may not have given us reviews in the past. I mean, if they praised us, they must have good taste, right?

  • the escape roomer: Mairi plays puzzle games of all sorts. She has a section for play-at-home digital games, which includes online escape rooms, and likely other games you'll enjoy.
  • ESCAPETHEROOMers: Cici, Brandon, and crew are on an endless grand tour to play everything it seems. They've got some variety there, but the online escape rooms can be found in "Digital" and "Point-N-Click" games.
  • Escape the Review: Toby is attempting to get every game online, of every genre, but fortunately has a list of online digital escape games. Be sure to give our games a rating while there.
  • Review The Room: They offer a list of purely online games, among their lists of other play-at-home games.

My Favourite Games

There are some other games I've played that stand out in my memory, unfortunately I'm still trying to remember the name of some. Here are a few that I can remember, of differing formats. Definitely let me know about your favourites, as I'm always looking for more games to play.

  • Tick Tock: A Tale for Two: A peaceful game with a relatively dark atmosphere. We had fun with puzzles all on the easy side.
  • Domino House: Though only for a single player, I really liked this game. It has a somewhat crazy art style and lot of puzzles spread over many rooms.
  • Cell 126: This game has a basic web interface, but was fun to play with a variety of challenging puzzles.
  • The Pyramid: One of the few games that requires three or more players, which makes it a unique experience.