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Coffee Mix

Coffee Mix

Argh, this infernal barista won't just let me order what I want! They insist I order my coffee by name, as if the names made any sense at all. It's just a jumble of nonsense, but if I want my favourite coffee I'll have to figure it out.

  • Observe the differences in the types of coffee and the names. Reveal Hint
  • You need to deconstruct the aspects of the drink and name and figure out how to construct the name of the drink at the top of the image. Reveal Hint
  • Do you notice a strong similarity between the two "Latte" drinks? Reveal Hint
  • Notice how a part of the name relates to the bottom colour of the drink. Reveal Hint
  • What part of the name relates to the top half of the drink, excluding the foamy bits. Reveal Hint
  • Now, about that "ifrap" bit... Reveal Hint

πŸ“– deconstruction pseudo-lingual Reveal Tags

What's the name of my favourite coffee?

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A puzzle about trying to remember the name of your favourite coffee. It sounds easy, but the barista is a stubborn person!