Ancient foreboding forests lure metal bands in search of the perfect band photo. Alas, many get lost, and it's your job as a forest ranger to rescue them.

The Way To Hexet is a multiplayer turn-based game about placing pathways, gaining points, and bringing bands to the ultimate battle...

...of the bands.

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(Introductory Maps, see below)

(Designed for play on desktops and tablets, not phones)

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Login to your account to get access to a few extra maps in the game. There's no purchase necessary and the mailing list is optional.


Get a key to Edaqa's Room and progress through the ranks of the puzzle academy.


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Questions about The Way To Hexet

As a competitive game, it is designed to be played with multiple people. Multiplayer is over the network: each player needs their own system. There is no limit, but the lobby UI runs out of space, depending on your screen size (we're working on it.)
Solo play
You can play alone, to test out the game, try strategies, or go for your own personal high score.
Designed for play in the browser on desktop devices, though should also work on tablet devices. We plan on releasing specific mobile versions for Android and iOS a bit later.
More Maps / Paid Game
If you've purchased the game you'll have more maps to select from on the start screen. Other players can join your game with the free version, but you have to be the one that starts the game (there should be a star beside your name).
Group Communication
The game does not offer it's own voice chat system. You can use whichever one you normally do, such as Jitsi, Zoom, or Steam chat.

Feedback or problems?

If you have any questions, or encounter any bugs or problems, please let us now. You can also discuss the game on our discord channel.